In the Beginning…

Centuries ago, the continent of Auradaam was a young, developing continent relying primarily on trade goods to and from other nearby lands. It had only been a handful of decades since its colonization, and the people, while hardy from the rough and unforgiving winters and harsh way of living, were only a few thousand strong, and in no shape to fight a war. Riva, Auradaam’s neighboring landmass and the largest and most powerful nation in the known world at the time, saw this as a golden opportunity to claim the settlements and, by extention, the continent as a whole: King Reynold of Riva sent his mighty army across the Autumndrop Strait and straight into the heart of New Haven – Auradaam’s largest settlelment and the closest thing to the capital.

The first attack on Auradaam was a bloodbath: the new country had no army, no force to oppose what was at the time the most powerful military in the discovered lands, and after just mere hours after the beginning of the assault, the town was in flames. Thousands were killed. Where once a frontier town sat was now only ash.

Word of the massacre quickly spread to the other towns from those lucky few who managed to escape, and in an effort to save their people, brave volunteers formed a ragtag militia to fight back.

Divine Being Rancis sent from the Divine Plane a staff infused with their own godly power, turning the tides of the Great War: it was granted to a devout and capable wizard who used Rancis’ gift to call the sun’s very flame down upon their enemies. Where once an impressive army stood on the verge of victory now simply remained ash and scorched earth; years of battles settled in almost an instant with what historians would later call simply “an act of the gods.”

In the centuries of peace after that war, the wizard who turned the tides of war with a single swoop of their divine staff has all but been forgotten. Few scholars and even fewer commonfolk know of their land’s true savior or the power they held.


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